Darius Dinn and The Temporal Engine

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Darius Dinn & The Temporal Engine Book 1

Darius Dinn and The Temporal engine


Darius Dinn just isn't himself these days! It seems his soul is out of control. This is a story set in the old west, about an orphan boy and his friends- Phinis Cobb the inventor, and the misguided Professor Mendel. Mendel is under the mind persuasion of The Outsider, a Being not of Earth's Signature. Temporal Rifts are opening into different dimensions as Mendal searches for his lost love, but the Outsider has a much different evil plan. Darius learns to control the energy generated by the Tesla tower in the Iron Mountains, but will he be strong enough to save his friends from the evil that lurks beyond the rift?

The town of Haden hopes he will....