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The Mole Chapter One

The story of a strange man living below the ground in present day, yet connected to everything in his lair. The reclusive tech genus Wilfred Anderson, got a violent start at the early age of 15, and begins learn a dark trade that will take him farther into a criminal world then he ever dreamed possible.

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The Two-Inch Rule

My great Uncle Bud was my grandma’s little brother. He was in WW2 and that part of him stood out in the tiny town of Burnham Maine, where anything that stood out was chopped off. Only no one dared.

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The Well

If I was to tell you my Grandma was sweet and caring, you might believe me, for a moment. But once I told you this story, you would know it was a lie.

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Darius Dinn and The Temporal Engine

Darius Dinn & The Temporal Engine Book 1

Darius Dinn and The Temporal engine